Services for Cancer Patients

Are you having trouble talking about cancer with your family? Are you feeling helpless about what the next steps are or knowing the available options? I can be your advocate, establishing a comforting and non-judgmental place for you to openly share the spectrum of unsettling feelings that you are facing. As a psychotherapist who’s been working with cancer patients throughout my career, I understand the difficult challenges. Together we will tackle conflicts, discuss hard decisions and find the best solutions for you.

By employing various therapeutic strategies, I can guide you on relaxation techniques to lessen anxiety and fatigue, as well as create coping/ strength building methods so you can understand and manage emotions as they arise. I can help you tap into your inner resources and strengths. If you have questions, need specific support with one session, several sessions or on an as needed basis, we can navigate through it together.

Services for Loved Ones and Caregivers

Cancer not only affects the individual stricken but everyone closest to them. Whether you are a spouse, adult child, family member, friend, or caregiver, a diagnosis of cancer systemically touches everyone closest to the cancer patient.

Are you feeling guilty, sad or angry that your loved one is sick? Are you physically and mentally exhausted or feeling burdened?

Acknowledging that you are struggling with your own array of feelings is important. Caring for your own needs are critical to your well-being and can give you the strength to continue on.

As a caregiver, it’s so easy to become ‘burned out’ or overwhelmed. It’s important to remember you cannot effectively take care of another until you take care of your own needs. Therapy can help you to center yourself. You will have the freedom to express difficult feelings which cannot be shared with your loved one and have a forum to express YOUR fears and concerns. We will travel through this process together.

Services for Couples

A cancer diagnosis affects the couple as a whole. Feelings of fears and concerns arise that are foreign and often difficult to process. Communication may become difficult and strained. Each person tends to not share fears or concerns as they are protecting the other. Sometimes the cancer patient doesn’t want to burden their spouse with overwhelming fears they are experiencing. Similarly, the spouse may suppresses his/her own feelings. Both are avoiding the ‘pink elephant’ in the room. Couples counseling will help you communicate difficult feelings and will facilitate support and unity.

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